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Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Author(s) : Ms. A.Kalaivani Dr. R. Belinda
Article Information : Volume 04 - Issue 01 (December - 2019) , 63-68
Affiliation(s) : M.Phil Scholar, Department of Social Work (SFS) Madras Christian College
: Associate Professor & Head Department of Social Work (SFS) Madras Christian College, Chennai.

Abstract :

The world of communication is constantly evolving due to the evolution of science and technology. People are so proud to be able to rely on technology every day. Whatsapp is addictive, especially for youth. Youth engrossed with Whatsapp are obsessed with sharing of selfies, videos and audio files among the friends and colleagues. They don’t want to mingle with the outside world. As a result, they become socially unreachable and aloof. No interaction with the people and society makes these youth snobbish which is harmful to their growth. Whatsapp addict youth become lazy due to constant use of the application. They waste their productive time due to their obsession with sharing jokes, selfies, memes, and videos on Whatsapp. This research work was done to find the impact of usage of Whatsapp among college going students in Chennai. The objective of the study is to find the impact of usage of whatsapp on Physiological, Psychological, Social Interaction and Academic aspects. The Researcher has used Mixed Methodology Research design of Sequential Explanatory Design. This method is a two phase design where the quantitative data is collected first followed by qualitative data collection. A self-structured questionnaire was given to the 150 respondents who have used whatsapp application more than 3 hours and Ten respondents were taken as case study in qualitative research. The main findings of this research are 89 per cent of the respondents use whatsapp only for chatting purpose, 33 per cent of the respondents agree that they highly prefer to WhatsApp comparatively than Phone, 23 per cent of the respondents agree that they cannot follow a sound sleep because of Whatsapp usage, 30 per cent of the respondents agree that late night Whatsapp chat makes sleepy the next day, 35 per cent of the respondents agree that whatsapp affects the rest time, 25 per cent of the respondents agree that they feel inferior if their display picture is not praised by friends, 32 per cent of the respondents agree that their study time is occupied by whatsapp and 31 per cent of the respondents agree concentration becomes weak due to usage of whatsapp. The most effective way is self-control. It's difficult to take up for students. But once it is followed rightly it will be absolutely fine soon.. Students should be encouraged to utilize Whatsapp in a manner that will promote their academic performance positively. They should be encouraged to create educational groups and use that to enhance their academic growth. Keywords: Whatapp,Addiction, Physiological

Keywords : Whatapp,Addiction, Physiological, Social Interaction.
Document Type : Research Paper
Publication date : November 29, 2019