Abstract Paper

Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Author(s) : Dr. J. M. Arul Kamaraj
Article Information : Volume 04 - Issue 01 (December - 2019) , 1-14
Affiliation(s) : Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Loyola College, Chennai – 34

Abstract :

Transgender is an umbrella term used to describe people whose self-identification or gender expression transcends society’s constructed established gender categories or who do not conform to the culturally defined norms of their biological sex (Green, 2004). Transgender youth in India face a variety of issues. It is easy to discriminate against, viewing as deviant, marginal, or inferior, such groups that are not part of the mainstream. This paper aims to describe the Challenges related to Social Respect and Recognition from Society by Transgender youth in Chennai and to explore Social Work Intervention to overcome the challenges of the Transgender youth in Chennai. The researcher has adopted Descriptive cum Diagnostic Research Design to this study. The researcher adopted the Snowball sampling method for this study. The total sample size was 120. The findings and recommendations will be very fruitful to enable the lives of the transgender youth and the institutions working for their wellbeing.

Keywords : Transgender, Youth, Discriminations and Social Work
Document Type : Research Paper
Publication date : November 29, 2019