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Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Author(s) : P.Anne Carolin Dr. G.Gladston Xavier
Article Information : Volume 04 - Issue 01 (December - 2019) , 54-62
Affiliation(s) : Mphil Scholar
: Ph.D, Research Guide

Abstract :

The problem of substance abuse is increasing especially among adolescent due to rapid urbanization, migration, peer influence and of course the influence through social media. Though many of the adolescents understand the harmful effects of drug use they are helpless and never know how to get rid of the habit. Globally, India has one of the highest proportions of children and adolescents: less than 18yrs 45 per cent of the population, 5-19 yrs 35.3 per cent (Census of India 2011). A brief history on substance abuse illuminates the relationship between mankind and man. The article highlights definition of related concepts, causes of drug abuse among youth such as exploitative socio economic structure within and outside the family, low access to education and health care, rapid urbanization, rural to urban migration, rapid population growth and extreme poverty. It is important to understand the impact of substance abuse on the health status of adolescents which is associated with an increase risk in psychiatric disorders. The article also throws light on the preventive systems and social interventions that are in place in India. The available drug preventive programmes insists on the role of family and community to take responsibility in preventive strategies by identifying symptoms of drug use among adolescents which may be reflected in their behaviour.

Keywords : Substance abuse, causes of drug abuse, adolescents, health, preventive measures and drug policies.
Document Type : Research Paper
Publication date : November 29, 2019