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Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Author(s) : PS Pungringa Agne P. Mary Jessy Rani
Article Information : Volume 04 - Issue 01 (December - 2019) , 15-22
Affiliation(s) : M.Phil Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, Loyola College, Chennai-600 034
: Research Guide & Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Loyola College, Chennai-600 034

Abstract :

Social Media facilitates the sharing of ideas and information; builds virtual networks and communities and off late has become a popular trend among college students. Today, youngsters prefer to spend more of their time on social media rather than reading books or involving in physical conversations. Research studies on the use of information technology reveals that its excessive use could lead to social isolation affecting physical and mental health of individuals. However, proper use could play a magnificent role in the present scenario to bring positive impact that can promote social change and development in the society. This research study explores the impact of social media use on the academic performance of college students in the Senapati District of Manipur State. Mixed methodology approach with descriptive research design was adopted and the study was conducted among 200 college students. Convenient sampling method was adopted to enumerate quantitative data and a Focus Group Discussion was held for the qualitative data collection. The main findings of this study portray the impact of social media on the college students’ academic performance; particularly the nature of usage and its implications on interpersonal relationships. The study shows that 47.5 per cent of the respondents spent around two to three hours daily on social media which affects (58 per cent) their academic performance and results in other negative impacts (52.5 per cent) on their social life. The study brings out the subtle way social media usage impacts the academic life of students and projects the need for interventions aimed at capacitating students to positively use social media platforms to improve their academic performance and build future aspirations.

Keywords : Social Media, Academic Performance, Impact, College Students.
Document Type : Research Paper
Publication date : November 29, 2019