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Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Title : Perceived Stress, Stress Coping Strategies and Resilience among Primary School Teachers
Author(s) : Selvaraj. V
Article Information : Volume 03 - Issue 02 (December- 2018) , 1-9
Affiliation(s) : Assistant Professor
: Sacred Heart College(Autonomous), Tirupattur

Abstract :

The academic and general progression and success of a student directly and proportionately depends on the level of commitment and passion of a teacher to his/her profession. A mind and heart which is stress-free will be able to give that commitment in his or her profession. The objectives of the study are, (i) to find the relation of stress and resilience among The Primary School Teacher (PST), (ii) to find the relation between various coping strategies and resilience among the PST, (iii) to elicit level of resilience in various areas of PST and (iv) Finally, to determine the influence of Stress and coping strategies on resilience among PST. Expost facto research design will be used. The sample will consist of 100 PST of English Medium samacheer kalvi schools in Chennai using convenient sampling technique. The following tools that will be used for data collection includes, The Resilience Assessment Questionnaire by Govier, (2009), Stress coping strategies by Matheney and McCarthy, (2000) and Cohen‟s Perceived Stress Scale, (1994). The Sample will be tested for the normality of distribution. Pearson Product moment Correlation analysis and regression will be used for analysis of data. The implications of the study would discuss on the need for resilience training programme, stress management programme and development of positive work attitudes which will provide means to cope with professional hazards, enhance the teacher-Student relation for the better interaction and to improve the quality of life of teacher.

Keywords : Resilience, Stress and Coping Strategies.
Document Type : Research Paper
DOI : Volume 3, Issue 02
Publication date : November 15, 2018