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Journal of Social Sciences and Management Research

Title : Factors Affecting the Sustainable Agricultural Practices by Farmers of Odisha: A Case Study of Nayagarh District
Author(s) : Bibhuti Bhusan Pradhan, Prakash Kumar Sahoo
Article Information : Volume 03 - Issue 02 (December- 2018) , 10-22
Affiliation(s) : Lecturer in Economics, Rajendra (Auto.) College, Bolangir, Odisha.
: Lecturer in Economics, Government College, Koraput, Odisha. Journal

Abstract :

The present study tries to examine the factors affecting sustainable agricultural practices by farmers in Odisha taking Nayagarh district as the case study. The results based on multiple regression models reveal a rupee increase in income from the agriculture brings about 17 paise increase on maintenance of soil health. The results also indicate that those farmers who have a sound knowledge about the soil health quality by doing soil test and farmers having more agricultural land under their possession are investing more on maintaining soil health by way of the use of organic manure, humus and cow-dung. On the other hand the share croppers as well as small farmers and marginal farmers are more dependents upon chemical fertilizers which are an alarming indicator for policy makers for safeguarding the livelihood of small and marginal farmers who are more prone to be affected by climate change and infertility of land. From the study, it has also been found that, the spread of sustainable agricultural practices is not successful and effective in case of Odisha due to the lack of funds, co-ordination, and proper planning. So, there is the need of provision for trainings, workshops, extension programs and financial assistance to the farmers for the better implementation of sustainable agriculture in Odisha as well as in India.

Keywords : Sustainable Agricultural Practices; Multiple regression; Soil health quality
Document Type : Research Paper
DOI : Volume 03, Issue 02
Publication date : November 17, 2018